Bridges Counseling NY


We offer professional, confidential, and evidence-based psychotherapy services for adults, children, adolescents, families, and couples including strengths-based psychotherapy, marriage and family therapy, play therapy for children 3-11, & cognitive behavioral (CBT) therapy.


We strive to help clients increase awareness, empowerment, and proactivity resulting in significant life changes. We understand that successful relationships contribute to the effectiveness of therapy. Therefore, we focus wholeheartedly on establishing professional, compassionate, and confidential therapeutic alliances where strengths and resources can be uncovered.


"We were so disheartened by the unrest in our home and felt like we were failing ourselves and our children. With minimal effort on our part, the entire dynamic in our home is changing. Without your support and encouragement, the disharmony would have been insurmountable..."

At Bridges Counseling Center For Child And Family Wellness, We Are A Group Of Licensed Psychotherapists Committed To Ongoing Professional Training And The Highest Degree Of Expertise In Our Field. Each Of Us Has Our Own Treatment Style And Offer An Ability To Effectively Create A Successful Therapeutic Relationship. Please Read Our Individual Biographies To Learn About Our Specific Expertise.

Our Office Is Conveniently Located On Route 206 South Between Roxbury And Mount Olive Townships (Morris County, NJ), And Is Nestled In A Quaint And Private Home Inspired Atmosphere. We Are Easily Accessible To Route 80 And Most Surrounding Towns.  Our Satellite Office Is Located At 364 Main Street In Bedminster Township (Somerset County, NJ).

We Are Available By Phone 24/7 With Office Hours By Appointment Monday-Saturday.

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Why Us?

In Addition To Offering Expertise In The Presenting Issues We Treat, We Believe In Strong Relationship Building And The Development Of An Effective Treatment Plan Involving A Combination Of Insight And Behavior Change.

Our Overall Goal Is To Create Effective "Bottom Up" Or Lasting Change Involving Increased Awareness And Reduced And/Or Totally Eliminated Harmful And Self-Limiting Messages About You And Your Direction In Life. In Order To Facilitate This "Bottom Up" Or Lasting Change Process, We Do Incorporate The Use Of "Top Down" Or Cognitive Techniques, However, Our Primary Goal Is To Help You Translate These Behavior Changes In A Larger Context Of Awareness So You Can Experience A Greater Sense Of Healing And Reduction In Symptoms.