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Fees for Services

All costs will be communicated to you prior to scheduling and

you will receive full administrative support.


We accept and submit claims on your behalf for most insurance companies; however, we are not a contracted provider and claims will process at the out of network level when your particular plan provides for it. We will do a free insurance benefits determination and provide a good faith estimate* based on your individual plan provisions. We encourage clients to also confirm their out of network benefits and track their insurance Explanation of Benefits (EOBs). 


We will provide a rate structure and payment plan if needed. We accept cash, checks and most major credit cards, while telehealth appointments require a credit card on file. 

All payments including deductibles, coinsurance and private payments

are due at the time of the session.

Your confirmation email will reaffirm payment expectations,

with the understanding that changes could occur

based on insurance benefits changing or Bridges Counseling rate increases.


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