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Substance Abuse Services

Substance abuse and addiction is compulsive drug and/or alcohol use that leads to significant disruptions in daily living and requires intervention as it becomes progressive. Most of the 20.6 million people in the US with an addiction are unable to find ways to overcome it.  Even recreational substance use can easily become abuse, and later addiction. We offer individualized therapy for emerging and ongoing issues relating to substance abuse as well as comprehensive, outpatient Crisis Prevention through our partnership with ScientiaDx and our Evaluation/Testing service.  


Substance abuse counseling is centered around support for those seeking to break free from drug or alcohol addiction. This specific type of therapy can be for those simply struggling, as part of a rehabilitation program, or as follow up treatment after an inpatient program. You will  work with a licensed substance abuse counselor in an outpatient setting to address behavior patterns and mental health, develop treatment goals and practice positive coping strategies.


Performed by a Licensed Clinical Drug and Alcohol Counselor, our services can be customized as needed and is especially useful for families and schools who suspect substance abuse. (Not designed for confirmed dependency cases)   


Our lab provides the most discreet testing of over 90+ substances while detecting tampering attempts and rapid test results within 1-3 days.


EVALUATION AND REFERRAL: This 60-90 minute intake session is a comprehensive substance abuse screening using a standardized psychotherapy measurement tool (LOCI-3). In addition to a honest and compassionate conversation, clients will be asked a series of questions designed to help our therapists formulate the level of care needed. Based on the interview and testing, the therapist will use their expertise to determine what type of intervention, if any, is warranted. Recommendations may include intensive outpatient treatment centers, group therapy or weekly maintenance therapy, and may or may not be available through Bridges Counseling. A comprehensive report will be provided, valid for school clearance as well.


EVALUATION, REFERRAL AND DRUG TESTING: In addition to the above, a comprehensive urinalysis can be done on site during the evaluation process by an independent lab partner, Scientia Dx ( This is a more comprehensive drug test, not just a screening, and will look for more than 90 substances in the body and provide a full report. (This is a separately billed service).


DRUG TESTING ONLY: Easy and discreet, a urinalysis is completed in-house and shipped overnight to the Scientia Dx lab who will then identify possible illicit drug use and/or medication misuse. Accurate and rapid results utilizing the most advanced LC-MS/MS technology which allows for precise quantitative testing with the highest levels of control and compliance.

(This is billed directly through ScientiaDx, not Bridges Counseling).

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